and Bible Studies

and Bible Studies

and Bible Studies


Have you encountered the Glory of God?

Join us to explore the arrival of God's presence on Earth.

How meetings should be

When we return to meeting together, what will the new normal be? Pray that it is the normal of the Bible, where God turned up every time in power.

Is the current crisis divine judgement?

Moses interceded for Israel when they came under judgement for their actions. We must likewise intercede for the sins of the World.

Encounters with God

Encountering God is the experience of a lifetime, however what comes next? Will you then seek more of God, or more of the experience?

Seeking after Holiness

Are you are serious about holiness as Moses was?

Do you fear God, or are you afraid of God?

Moses was given the ten commandments, but what about the personal relationship with God this encounter required...

MRBC Easter Sunday Service

Join us at eleven for a special live stream for Easter Sunday.

The law vs Grace

The argument is often, are we under the law or under grace, however we see that the law came to support grace.

The distraction of the urgent

Are you distracted from the important, by the urgent?

What is your role?

The key role in the battle between Israel and Amalek was the intercession of Moses. Intercessory prayer is the primary role was can play also.

Bible Studies

John - Which way?

Join us as we continue our study of John.

The Gospel of John - First Sight

Jesus was the light of the World, and as such he came to give us sight, but what does that mean?

Do you believe the evidence?

Jesus made a number of seemingly wild claims, and the religious leaders of the did not believe them. How did they feel when his claims proved to be true?

Is this the Jesus you are looking for?

Starting a new Series on the Gospel of John. The key question for us is, who is Jesus, and how can we have a relationship with him.

1 Timothy - Live by faith

Finishing our study series with Timothy, pray and live by faith.

1 Timothy - Beware of false teachers

Join us as we continue our study of 1 Timothy. This week, see how false teaching causes huge problems.

Tips and tricks for life

Life coaching from 1 Timothy. Tips on how to keep healthy.

Are you qualified?

Our study of 1 Timothy continues, looking at our qualifications.

Introducing 1 Timothy

First part of our series on 1 Timothy